Use Replicate Inside Google Sheets


Sanskar Tiwari

well i am always in the hunt to do some programmatic SEO, it is so fun creating 1000s of pages and watching traffic come.
recently i saw on twitter people creating pages about ai generated images, now this is something i saw quite back and wanted to do but didn’t got time to deploy model and make it work.
but since i was adding AI image functionality to using Replicate i thought why not add this to
And here we are with + you can generate 1000s of text or images from so many available models inside google sheets.
So let’s today we going to learn how to generate 1000s of AI images with Replicate +
  1. Install the Addon just visit
but how? relax it’s two click first click the link above and then click install.
  1. Open SheetAI and Add Your Replicate Key
Open any google sheet or create new with, then Extensions > SheetAI App > Launch
notion image
Now grab your key and Paste it in this input and click save!.
notion image
You are now ready to use SHEETAI_Replicate function, just call the function and provide it projectId & prompt and you will have response.
notion image
notion image
found this blog helpful? do share it is free to use this replicate function as much as u want just the cost of replicate. if any question send to