SheetAI App : About Us

Unlocking data with AI in Google Sheets

SheetAI is on a mission to unlock the power of AI for everyone, by making it accessible through the familiar Google Sheets interface. With SheetAI, businesses, marketers, product managers, finance teams, business owners, and consumers can get the insights they need to succeed, instantly and without any coding experience.

SheetAI unlocks the potential of data by providing powerful AI capabilities to anyone who needs it, from generating personalized content to automating data analysis and more. SheetAI makes it easy to get the answers you need from your data, faster and easier than ever before.

  • Sanskar Tiwari

    Founder / CEO

    known as indianappguy on the internet, Entrepreneur and developer. He is the founder of SheetAI, and others. send him a message on twitter or linkedin.