How to Multiply in Google Sheets: A Comprehensive Guide


Sanskar Tiwari

Google Sheets is a powerful tool for data manipulation and analysis, making it a staple in many professional and educational environments. One of its fundamental functionalities is the ability to perform mathematical operations, including multiplication. Whether you're calculating budgets, analyzing data, or managing inventory, knowing how to multiply in Google Sheets can significantly enhance your productivity. In this blog post, we'll explore various methods of multiplication in Google Sheets, ensuring that you can tackle your calculations with ease and precision.

Basic Multiplication

Single Cell Multiplication

To perform a basic multiplication of two numbers in Google Sheets:
  1. Select a cell where you want the result to appear.
  1. Type = to start a formula, followed by the numbers you want to multiply, separated by an asterisk (). For example, =5*3.
  1. Press Enter, and the cell will display the result, 15 in this case.

Multiplying Multiple Cells

If you have values in different cells that you need to multiply:
  1. Select the cell for the result.
  1. Type = followed by the cell references, separated by . For example, if you have values in cells A1 and A2, type =A1*A2.
  1. Press Enter to see the multiplication result of the two cell values.

Using the PRODUCT Function

For scenarios where you need to multiply several numbers, using the PRODUCT function is more efficient:
  1. Enter the PRODUCT function in the cell where you want the result.
  1. Type =PRODUCT(number1, number2,...) where number1, number2,... are the numbers or cell references you want to multiply. For example, =PRODUCT(A1, A2, A3) multiplies the values in cells A1, A2, and A3.
  1. Press Enter to display the multiplication result.
This function is particularly useful for multiplying ranges. For example, =PRODUCT(A1:A10) will multiply all the values from cells A1 to A10.

Multiplying Arrays

Google Sheets supports array formulas, allowing you to perform multiple calculations at once. If you need to multiply values across two arrays, here’s how you can do it:
  1. Use an array formula by typing =ARRAYFORMULA(A1:A3*B1:B3) if you want to multiply values in range A1with values in B1respectively.
  1. Press Enter, and the results will appear in the same number of rows as the ranges.

Practical Applications

Calculating Total Sales

If you're managing sales data, multiplying quantities by prices to get totals for each item is a common task:
  • Assume quantities are in column A and prices in column B.
  • In column C, you could use the formula =ARRAYFORMULA(A2:A100*B2:B100) to calculate total sales for each product listed in rows 2 through 100.

Budget Planning

For budgeting, you might need to calculate expenses for multiple items or services:
  • Multiply the cost per item by the number of months or the volume needed using either the PRODUCT function or basic multiplication formulas.

Leveraging for Enhanced Data Handling

While Google Sheets offers robust functionalities for multiplication and other arithmetic operations, you might be looking for more advanced data processing and analysis capabilities. can serve as a powerful companion to Google Sheets, offering enhanced features that facilitate complex data manipulation, integration with other data sources, and much more. While this post focuses on the basics of multiplication in Google Sheets, exploring tools like can further streamline your data management tasks without making your spreadsheets overly complex or difficult to manage.


Multiplication in Google Sheets is straightforward but knowing the different methods and when to use them can make your data handling more efficient. From basic operations to complex array formulas, Google Sheets accommodates a wide range of mathematical needs. For those looking to expand their capabilities beyond what Google Sheets offers natively, can provide additional tools and functionalities for more sophisticated data analysis and manipulation. By mastering these techniques, you can significantly enhance your productivity and data analysis skills.