OpenAI Turbo Model: CHATGPT API vs Davinci Model and How to Use it in Google Sheets


by Sanskar Tiwari

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OpenAI has recently released its newest model, ChatGPT, which has been making waves in the AI world. ChatGPT is a dialogue interface for the GPT AI, and is the first true implementation of the ChatGPT model. What makes this model so exciting is that it is much cheaper than the previous model, Davinci, yet just as powerful.
Using the new SHEETAI_TURBO function, users can now access the ChatGPT model and use it to generate dialogue. This model is optimized for instructions, so users will be able to specify their needs and the AI will respond accordingly.
As an example, if you ask the AI to provide a tagline for a woolen clothes shop in India in Marathi, not only will you get a response in Marathi, but you will also get an English translation and pronunciation of the phrase. This is a unique feature that sets ChatGPT apart from the rest.
There are a variety of uses for this model, and it really comes down to the user's needs and use case. Both Davinci and ChatGPT are powerful AI models, but if you're looking for a cost-effective solution that still offers great results, ChatGPT is definitely worth a try. We look forward to hearing your feedback!